The Book of Lilith

The Book of Lilith cover image Title: The Book of Lilith
Author: Barbara Black Koltuv
Publisher: Nicolas-Hays (May 1986)
Paperback: 224 pages
ISBN: 0-89254-014-1
List Price: $12.95

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Editorial Summary

Lilith, a long-haired she demon of the night, flies through Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Canaanite, Persian, Hebrew, Arabic, and Teutonic mythology. It is said that Lilith was Adam's first wife, the Eve who tempted Adam with the apple from the Tree of Knowledge. Lilith is seductress, child-killer, and demonic energy. Lilith is one of the essentially motherless forms of the feminine Self. She arose as an embodiment of the neglected and rejected aspects of the Great Goddess. Lilith is Adamah, that part of the Self today's women need to connect with in order to no longer be spiritual outcasts.

Praise for The Book of Lilith

Barbara Koltuv's book shows how the instinctual side of femininity has been dreaded and rejected by traditional patriarchal culture and religion.

No other demon has had a history as long or as fantastic as that of Lilith, the Queen of Demons. Now Dr. Barbara Koltuv has collected the sources of this legend and included a fascinating commentary that provides long needed insights into this compelling figure.