Weaving Woman: Musings and Meditations on the Feminine Mythos

Weaving Woman cover image Title: Weaving Woman: Musings and Meditations on the Feminine Mythos
Author: Barbara Black Koltuv
Publisher: Nicolas-Hays (August 1990)
Paperback: 123 pages
ISBN: 0-89254-019-2
List Price: $9.95

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Editorial Summary

There is no such thing as a completed definition of woman, says author, psychologist, and Jungian Analyst Barbara Black Koltuv. Women are always in the process of becoming and weaving together all the elements of their lives into their own unique patterns.

Praise for Weaving Woman

Well done! So strong and wise...

Dr. Koltuv covers succinctly in her inimitable style, of cutting through the fat of psychological terms, women's own history in a well constructed, concise, fascinating treatise that can help women in their own understanding of their animus complex. Highly recommended.

...A re-affirmation of women as weavers and witches, and a celebration of the re-emergence of feminine values, feminine talents, and feminine psychology... Enlightening and compelling.

This book is a call -----a call back to our nature, back to ourselves. Weaving Woman is valuable for every woman who is working towards reclaiming her own power.